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volume Number 12، number In Volume 4، ، issue Number 46

The Stylistic Analysis of “Tadíb-Alatfál” by Meftah-ol-Molk-e-Mazandarani as The First Illustrated Book in Persian Children’s Literature

Mohsen Zoka Asadi, Maryam Sharif Nasab(Author in Charge)

In the current study the book of “Tadíb-alatfál” is the case of analyzing and evaluation. The study method is case study and the authors tried to clarify and explain style special properties of this book by considering text and illustration together. The great book of “Tadíb-alatfál” (written or translated by Meftah-ol-Molk) which was written and published before the constitutional revolution is one of the prototypes of Persian children’s literature. This book was not surveyed in any academic research until present. Stylistics is a knowledge of studying of distinct aspects of a literary work regarding the lingual and literary sides of the work. Illustrated children’s books are one category of children’s literature for which a thorough theory and methodology of stylistic analysis is not available in the Persian language. This study Hypothesis is that “Tadíb-alatfál” is the first illustrated book in Persian children’s literature.

Child Literature , Picture Books , Stylistics , Illustration , Case Study