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volume Number 12، number In Volume 4، ، issue Number 46

A Stylistic and Content Study of the Epic-Historical System: The Naderi Shahnameh

Hedieh Yoosefi, Mahmoud Tavoosi(Author in Charge), Maryam Amir Arjmand

Unearthing unknown artifacts and discovering the cultural treasures of the past and conducting an in-depth study of these artifacts is one of the main tasks of researchers in this area. One of the works of Naderi's Shahnameh is an epic-historical poem written by Mohammad Ali Tusi on the subject of Nader Shah's life and conquests in the early twelfth century AH in 5313 bits. In this paper, which is written in a descriptive-analytical way, we have studied the stylistics of this work. The main purpose of this paper is to investigate and determine the stylistic features of the Naderi Shahnameh. The research results show that Rare Shahnameh is one of the works of the return period whose content expresses the historical events and events of Nader Shah period and has Khorasani style features such as: old vocabulary, use of verbs in ancient form, use of singular and intuitive syllables, etc. Is.

Stylistics , Naderi Shahnameh , Mohammad Ali Tusi , Historical-Literary Epic