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Bahar Adab monthly The Monthly Stylistics and Analysis of Persian Poetry and Prose Texts (former Bahar Adab) is a private monthly magazine founded by Dr. Omid Majed and has open access (to the text of the articles). In this publication, the policy of two anonymous expert referees is used in the review of articles, and all submitted articles must be matched with the matching software https://www.samimnoor. ir/view/fa/default">Samim Noor are checked to ensure their authenticity and then they are carefully evaluated. In reviewing and publishing scientific articles, this journal respects the rules of ethics in publications, subject to the rules of the Committee on Ethics in Publishing (COPE). and follows the executive regulations of the law on preventing and dealing with fraud in scientific more about this publication
Journal Metrics
Publication start year 2008
ISC Quartile Q2
ISC - Impact Factor 0.152
Issue per year 12
Published articles 144
Rejected papers 1640
Acceptance rate (%) 21.4
Research papers 1,640
Article view 2,759,662
PDF download 1,248,474
No. of pages 34,440
No. of references 26,240
Publication fees

Publication fees
The received manuscript is first screened by the Editor in Chief and if the subject is appropriate to the aims and scope of the publication and has a relative scientific richness, it will be sent to two or three reviewers. The publication fees are happened into 2 steps;
1- The review fee is 7 dollars and is non-refundable.
2- When the manuscript is accepted by the reviewers, it will be outlined in the Editorial Board and after the approval, it will be published in turn on the Journal network. The cost of printing each paper is 63 dollars .
Obviously, before each step, authors must pay the relevant fee to the journal account. Obviously, it will not be possible to refund the paid fees at any stage. Moreover, the hard copy of the publication will not be donated to the authors.
The payment method: Check or money order must be made in order of:
Bank name: Bank Mellat; University of Tehran Branch
Bank account name: Omid Majd
Bank account number: 54527321
Branch code: 67397
Card number: 6104-3374-4154-0547