Stylistic of persian poetry and prose text
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Journal of Stylistics and Texts Analysis of Persian Poetry and Prose (Bahar Adab) is published as the first private Journal in Iran as a monthly publication. This journal reviews and publishes specialized scientific papers in the field of Persian literature and prose. Journal of Stylistics of Persian and Prose is accredited by the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology with scientific grade and with a score of "B" in the field of Persian language and literature. This journal is also indexed in the Islamic World Science Citation Database (ISC) and has an Impact Factor = 0.112 with a quality rate of Q2 in the waiting list publications. The Stylistics of Persian Poetry and Prose is ready to receive and review valuable papers obtained from qualitative and quantitative researches and professors in the related field of study and will publish the articles after the peer reviews. This Journal is committed to follow the Ethics in Publishing Committee (COPE) and complies with the highest ethical standards in accordance with ethical law.

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address: Tehran Post Box 1558-14665
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Publication start year 1387
ISC Quartile Q2
ISC - Impact Factor 0.112
Google h-index
No. of citations
Issue per year 12
No. of volumes 12
Published articles 144
No. of papers submission 5600
Rejected papers 1064
Rejected papers 4536
Acceptance rate (%) 19%
Review papers 0
Research papers 1064
Article view 2156103
PDF download 889720
No. of pages 21280
No. of references 15960
Publication fees

Publication fees
The received manuscript is first screened by the Editor in Chief and if the subject is appropriate to the aims and scope of the publication and has a relative scientific richness, it will be sent to two or three reviewers. The publication fees are happened into 2 steps;
1- The review fee is 7 dollars and is non-refundable.
2- When the manuscript is accepted by the reviewers, it will be outlined in the Editorial Board and after the approval, it will be published in turn on the Journal network. The cost of printing each paper is 63 dollars .
Obviously, before each step, authors must pay the relevant fee to the journal account. Obviously, it will not be possible to refund the paid fees at any stage. Moreover, the hard copy of the publication will not be donated to the authors.
The payment method: Check or money order must be made in order of:
Bank name: Bank Mellat; University of Tehran Branch
Bank account name: Omid Majd
Bank account number: 54527321
Branch code: 67397
Card number: 6104-3374-4154-0547