Quarterly Journal methodologies of Persian poetry and prose (Bahar-e-adab)
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Publication start year 1387
ISC Quartile Q2
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Issue per year 12
No. of volumes 12
Published articles 120
No. of papers submission 5600
Rejected papers 1064
Rejected papers 4536
Acceptance rate (%) 19%
Review papers 0
Research papers 1064
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No. of pages 21280
No. of references 15960
Procedure for sending articles and acceptance


  • Type your articles in word and observe the dictations required by the Journal and in a proper sending. Type icons and other typing specifications is not important, because of your convenience- necessary arrangements will be made on the text in the office of the Journal. 
  • Send the typed text of the article to info@bahareadab .com 
  • Maximum length of the article should not be more than 15 (A4) pages. 
  • The reference inside text: 
    • A) If the source is related to the contemporary books, name of the book, family name of the author and page number should be referred. Like ( From Randan by Zarrin Kob ,page 13) and if a book is of several volumes, the number of volume should be added like ( stylistic study of prose, Bahar, volume 1: page 17) 
    • B) If the sources is related to the old Divans of poem and prose, refer to the name of book, number of the composition or chapter of the said book like ( Golestan, 8th Chapter), ( Shahnameh Moscow, volume 3U composition 1142) 
    • C) If the source is related to the Divans of prose and verse and a contemporary editor has edited it and it is necessary to make a reference from what the editor has written in describing and criticism of the said book, name of the book and editor should be referred like ( Secrets of Al-Tawhid , Shafie Kodkani) ( Relief after grief) 
      Remarks: Avoid writing the year of publication of book in the past verse and prose , for example ( Sa’adi: 7: 1384) 
  • Description of text in the form of footnote at the bottom of same page and not as footnote at the end of the article 
  • Add these issues in the abstract: main question of the research and probable reply to it and key words, 
  • In the introduction of such issues add: short repetition of main question, research method( method of work), necessity for such research and the background of the research should be mentioned. 
  • In the contents of the sources, name of book and then name and surname of the author and other specifications of bibliography should be mentioned. 
  • Abstract in English is necessary. 
  • The article should be within the scope of stylistic study of Persian verse and prose and its main focus should be based on Iranian views , eloquence and Persian style,