Quarterly Journal methodologies of Persian poetry and prose (Bahar-e-adab)
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Creating a stylistic framework of Persian verse and prose

This Quarterly considers with stylistic substance the papers with the following themes: 

  • a) Study of a couple of minor or general elements within one or more period or couples of poets and writers in various period such as: a historical review of child and youth contemporary poem, study of religious themes in 11th and 12th centuries and comparison with 9th and 10th centuries , history of exaggerative development in Khorasani style, introduction of wonder book and its development in Persian poem, variety of employing equation style in the poems of Hafiz and its comparison with others, 
  • b) Study of the special peculiarities or innovations of a poet or writer in certain eloquent, linquistic or mental elements such as innovations of Sa’adi in metaphor, special creativities in using Koranic verses in Tārīkh-i Jahāngushāy, imaging peculiar to Sa’eb Tabrizi with candle, sorrows as peculiar style of Shahriar, Musical simulations as peculiarities of Khaqani’s poems… 
  • c) Introduction of the corrected hand written scripts of a poet or writer as follows: Introduction of poet or writer together with a brief biography, introduction of the correct divan from perspective of quantity and quality, introduction of scripts and their physical peculiarities, extraction of the significant style peculiarities of script and probable innovations of poet and or writer, comparison of the book contents with that of pre and post books in brief and presentation of the prominent and special differences , if any. Like: “Faqir Dehlavi”, introduction of written scripts of Divan and his poetic methodology, review and introduction of handwritten script of “ Javaher Khamseh”, introduction of Golbun Kazerooni, a poet of Qajar period and his Golshan Secrets… 
  • d) Stylistic study of the works published in any of the ideal, language and literary layers or a collection of them, minor study of an element with high output and special initiatives and situations are acceptable, just like stylistic study of Anvari lyrics, literary style of Daqiqi poems, introduction of unknown satiric poet, Mohammad Ali Fadaee and elucidation of his status in contemporary satire. 
  • e) Articles that focus on study of impact or impact study of poets and writers on each other like the impact received by Sa’adi from Qazali’s ideas. Also , with respect to the restrictions exerted by the honorable committee of scientific publications of Ministry of Sciences on the issues of the Journal, despite having proportionate relations of the following issues with stylistic study, such articles are not considered to be within stylistic scope and therefore is not publishable thence ( Winter 2016). 
    • a) Study of the texts from perspectives of western ideas like ideas of Bakhtin, Pherklauf, Grimas and…. 
    • b) Articles based on narrative study and story texts and romance. 
    • c) Articles that merely focuses one element in the text without having any comparison with other periods or individuals or having special initiatives and subjects in the area in question, such as: mythological face in the poem of Khwaju Kermani, element of color in the poem of Farrukhi Sistani, Note: If study of one element in one poet be in such a way that leads to the stylistic dignity will be covered by Para D of the section on stylistic articles and can be published like: study of critical issues in the poems of Saif Forqani and their analysis, 
    • d) Any type of articles in comparative literature, unless be indicative of prominent impact from other literatures in Persian Literature.