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Bahar Adab monthly The Monthly Stylistics and Analysis of Persian Poetry and Prose Texts (former Bahar Adab) is a private monthly magazine founded by Dr. Omid Majed and has open access (to the text of the articles). In this publication, the policy of two anonymous expert referees is used in the review of articles, and all submitted articles must be matched with the matching software https://www.samimnoor. ir/view/fa/default">Samim Noor are checked to ensure their authenticity and then they are carefully evaluated. In reviewing and publishing scientific articles, this journal respects the rules of ethics in publications, subject to the rules of the Committee on Ethics in Publishing (COPE). and follows the executive regulations of the law on preventing and dealing with fraud in scientific more about this publication
Journal Metrics
Publication start year 2008
ISC Quartile Q2
ISC - Impact Factor 0.152
Issue per year 12
Published articles 144
Rejected papers 1640
Acceptance rate (%) 21.4
Research papers 1,640
Article view 2,759,674
PDF download 1,248,485
No. of pages 34,440
No. of references 26,240
Author Writing Standards and Responsibilities فارسی

Authorship Criteria
Any author whose name is registered in the article must have done one or more of the following:
• Designing the research, collecting or analyzing and interpreting the data.
• Writing the article or reviewing it fundamentally and comprehensively.
• Final approval for publishing the article.
• Generally, have an acceptable share and participation in the design and writing of the article so that they can accept public responsibility for the appropriate parts of the content.

Responsibilities and Commitments of Authors
• Observing the basic principles of writing and research in article writing is necessary and articles should be written and arranged according to the journal’s format.
• Before submitting the article, all authors should read the author’s guide and the terms and conditions of submitting the article in this journal.
• The corresponding author must confirm and submit the consent and awareness of other authors of the article in this journal through the author’s commitment form.
• All authors whose names are mentioned in the article and in the commitment letter must have acceptable participation in writing and editing the article.
• Acknowledgments and organizational affiliations of the authors should be mentioned in the article and any conflicts of interest between the authors or organizations should be mentioned.
• Authors should clearly report the research sponsor (if any).
• Authors are obliged to inform the editor as soon as possible if they see a mistake or error in their published article, so that the article can be corrected or invalidated.
• All authors should be aware that the articles submitted to this journal are checked by plagiarism detection software to prevent scientific misconduct.
• Authors should properly and appropriately cite and reference all the sources and references that they have used directly or indirectly.
• At the time of submitting the article, during the review process and preparation for publication, the corresponding author of the article is responsible for communicating with the journal and the journal staff and should ensure that all the administrative requirements of the journal are met; also during the review process, the relevant author should quickly answer the questions of the editor and the executive manager and cooperate with the journal after publication if necessary.

Change in Author Information
• After accepting the article and at the stage of publication, adding a new author’s name or changing the responsibility of the authors is not allowed. Also, if an author wants to be removed from the list of authors, they must send a letter signed by the author and other authors indicating their willingness to be removed from the list of authors.
• Any change in the order of the authors requires a letter signed by all the authors indicating their agreement.