Quarterly Journal methodologies of Persian poetry and prose (Bahar-e-adab)
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Quarterly Journal methodologies of Persian poetry and prose (Bahar-e-adab)
volume Number 13، number In Volume 1، ، issue Number 47

Verb Typology between 4th to 6th centuries with an Approach to Persian Interpretations

Hassan Dehghani Pour, Iraj Mehraki(Author in Charge)

Definitely, the current category is the most important and influential part of every sentence. Examination of verb features and extraction of results in commentary works of valuable Persian Language, especially at the beginning of formation of Dari language, can help identifying its categories and more complete classification of its ancient grammar rules. The works that are less investigated in the study of grammar, stylistics, different types of prose, linguistics, and understang language varieties in different regions of Iran, In particular. In this article, we attempt to study verb forms, from the 4th to 6th centuries, relying on Persian interpretations of aspects of time, structure, linguistic processes and types of verbs so as to see whether we can analyze and categorize the verbs in terms of language forms. What are the factors and characteristics that distinguish these verbs from each other? For this purpose, interpretations such as the translation of Tafsir al-Tabari, An Interpretation of the Holy Quran, Taj al-tarajem fi tafsir al-qor'an le-al-a'ajem, Interpretation of the Qur'anic verse, Commentary on the Holy Qur'an (Cambridge Edition), part of The Ancient Interpretation, Propositional interpretation of part of Commentary on the Holy Qur'an (Shanqashi interpretation), Interpretation of Nasafi, Rawz al-jinan wa ruh al-jinan, Kashf al-asrār wa ʿuddat al-abrār are investigated.

Persian interpretations , Grammar , Typology , Verb forms , Verb tense , Verb structure