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volume Number 13، number In Volume 4، ، issue Number 50

The evolution of Khayyam's thoughts from fourth to seventh century in Persian poetry

sharareh khoshhal tolazdehi, Ali Asghar Halabi(Author in Charge)

Khayyam's thinking and worldview are based on the belief in the fate and dignity of all things and the inability of man to understand the secrets of creation and the issues of creation. Poets before and after Khayyam also have poems with Khayyam themes. In this paper, which has been done in a library manner, after expressing the roots of Khayyam's thoughts, the course of Khayyam's thoughts in the three pre-Khayyam (Samanian and Ghaznavian), Khayyam (Seljukian and Kharazmshahian) and post-Khayyam (Mongol and Timor) has been investigated. The results show that Khayyam's thoughts in the pre-Khayyam period are less frequent than the other two periods and mainly include the subject of spoils and congratulations for escaping philosophical thought by poets. But in the Khayyam period and after the Khayyam period, due to the socio-political reasons and the religious and intellectual fanaticism of the Seljuks and the Kharazmshahis, Khayyam's thoughts are in fact a reaction to the oppression in these two periods.

Khayyam Thoughts , Khayyam , Seljuks , Kharazmshahians