Quarterly Journal methodologies of Persian poetry and prose (Bahar-e-adab)
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Quarterly Journal methodologies of Persian poetry and prose (Bahar-e-adab)
volume Number 13، number In Volume 1، ، issue Number 47

Style indicators of Jahan Malek Khatoon’s divan

Ravieh kordafshari, Ahmad Khatami (Author in Charge)

The research in Persian poetry style, especially the individual style of poets, and especially the individual style of famous poets who are less concerned with their poetic style has a special priority. One of this literary work is Jahan Malek Khatoon’s divan. Jahan Malek, who lived between 784-725, contemporary of Saadi, Hafez and some of the prominent poets of the eighth century, does not have to be considered by the scholars of Persian literature. The purpose of this research is to review her mentally and literally - rhetorically from the perspective of stylistics of poetry and by providing statistical report shows that how much her poetry has smoothness and constancy and to what extent is her individual style indicators and initiatives and gentle and delicate innovations in her divan.

Persian poetry , poetry of the eighth century , Jahan Malek Khatoon , Stylistics of Jahan Malek Kha