Journal of the stylistic of Persian poem and prose
Journal of the stylistic of Persian poem and prose شماره 82

volume Number : 15
number In Volume : 12
issue Number : 82

Journal of the stylistic of Persian poem and prose
volume Number 15، number In Volume 12، ، issue Number 82

Description and its linguistic and literary functions in contemporary fiction (Case study: Tangsir Sadegh Chubak and Buff-e-kur Sadegh Hedayat)

Fatemeh Sistani , Hooshmand Esfandiarpour (Author in Charge), Pooran Yousefipour Kermani


BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVES: In descriptive study, various aspects of description are considered as an important part and a main element and a broad perspective so that the description is used in the form of efficient and analytical structures to study and analyze literary texts such as stories and novels. Descriptors believe that it is possible to know and understand many of the methods and aesthetic techniques of a text and its features depending on the study of descriptive methods and how it is used in the text. In the past, the element of description was considered as a sub-element and static in narration, but today in the science of descriptively, this element is very important. The main purpose of this research and its field of study is to investigate the dynamics of the descriptive element in the text of the two stories of Tangsir and Buf-e-kur by Chubak and Hedayat.

METHODOLOGY: The study method in this article is library and the use of descriptive-analytical method is based on the text of two stories of Tangsir and Buf-e-kur in terms of descriptive propositions.

FINDINGS: The findings indicate that descriptive propositions in the structure and content of the two stories have been used artistically by Chubak and Hedayat in the service of storytelling, and therefore the descriptive elements in these two stories can be considered dynamic.

CONCLUSION: In Tangsir and Buf-e-kur have used short, detailed, long, explicit, implicit, hidden and content descriptions with literary, ironic, mythological and aesthetic functions.

Description. Contemporary story. Sadegh Chubak. Sadegh Heday , Descriptive.

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