Journal of the stylistic of Persian poem and prose
Journal of the stylistic of Persian poem and prose شماره 82

volume Number : 15
number In Volume : 12
issue Number : 82

Journal of the stylistic of Persian poem and prose
volume Number 15، number In Volume 12، ، issue Number 82

Comparison of the lyric style of Saadi, Majdaldin Hamgar and Emami Heravi

Omid Ali Sheikhi Kankot , Fahimeh Asadi (Author in Charge), Alireza Fatemi , Kobra Bahmani

BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVES: Stylistics is a layer that indicates the depth of poetic meanings from the external and internal perspectives of poetry, according to the poet"s intellectual background. In this article, with the stylistic layer of the sonnets of the three seventh century poets "Saadi, Majd Hamgar and Emami Heravi", the five phonetic, lexical, syntactic, rhetorical and ideological layers have been evaluated. METHODOLOGY: The present study was conducted in a descriptive-analytical manner and in order for the results to be natural, the studied sonnets were randomly selected. FINDINGS: Saadi"s attitude towards love, as an ontological matter, causes the development of this concept in individual behavior (the concept of love in the Iraqi style), social behavior (attention to the social dimensions of virtues and vices) and the behavior of existence towards good. Magdaldin Hamgar"s attitude is a purely individual one about love, and lyricalness is the basis of other layers of his poetry. According to Imami Heravi, mystical thoughts and Sufism are the principle and other layers of poetry are based on the expression of mystical thoughts. CONCLUSION: The ideological layer in the attitude of these poets has influenced the other four layers of their poetry. Also, there are many commonalities in different levels of speech, unique features, artistic aberrations and stylistic characteristics of these three poets.

Layered Stylistics , Ghazal , Sa’adi , Majd Hamgar , Emami Heravi

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