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volume Number 12، number In Volume 4، ، issue Number 46

An Introduction to Second Volume of Tārīkḣ-i Waṣṣāf Manuscript and its Stylistics

Seyed Samira Khoshk-e-Bijari, Zahra Riyahi zamin(Author in Charge)

The present study introduces the stylistic features of the second volume- out of a five-volume set- ‘Tajziyat al-amṣār wa-tazjiyat al-a'ṣār’ textual criticism, also called ‘Tārīkḣ-i Waṣṣāf’. This book is one of the old books belonging to 7th and 8th AH in which analytical historiography method is used. The prose of this book is an example of florid style of Ilkhanate period and is of the oldest sources of this era. The book is written by Shihab al-Din Waṣṣāf al-Ḥaḍrat; its prose is florid, rhymed and full of phrasing, synonyms with excessive use of Arabic poems and stories as well as Quran’s verses. This book is conceived as a continuation of Juwayni's Tārīkḣ-i Jahāngushāy. Tārīkḣ-i Waṣṣāf is consisted of an introduction and five volumes, narrating the events of Ilkhanate dynasty, from the death of Mongke Khan to middle of Abusaid Bahador Khan kingdom (716-736), i.e. year of 723AH.

Tārīkḣ-i Waṣṣāf , Historiography , Stylistic features of Tārīkḣ-