Journal of the stylistic of Persian poem and prose
Journal of the stylistic of Persian poem and prose شماره 50

volume Number : 13
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issue Number : 50

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Journal of the stylistic of Persian poem and prose
volume Number 13، number In Volume 4، ، issue Number 50

and Conceptual Metaphors in the News Examining the Correctness or Incorrectness of the Use of Rhetorical Techniques and Conceptual Metaphors in the News

Omid jelodarian, Esmat Esmaeili(Author in Charge)

News language is related to the real part of the language, and the literary language is related to the fictional part of the language. According to some pundits, the use of literary language and rhetorical techniques in the news is against simplicity, a cause of ambiguity in the audience"s understanding, deviation from standard language, and thus reduction of the speed of informing. But the reality is that the type of communication with the audience on the radio and Television is indirect, so there"s less influence and intimacy, and thus the media fills this void, by using rhetorical techniques alongside meta-language elements such as tone and body language, and so on. This research examines the correctness or incorrectness of the usage of traditional rhetorical techniques and revived rhetoric (conceptual metaphor) in news texts, by descriptive-analytical method. The results of the study show that literary language, like the language of news, has no aim other than influencing the audience and delivering the message in the best way; so it is useful and even necessary to use rhetorical techniques in news texts as long as it does not obscure the text and delay the transmission of meaning. Also, the use of conceptual metaphors in most cases not only doesn’t create ambiguity in the news and is not a source of deviation from standard language, but also is effective in attracting the audience, having more influence on them and better understanding the message of the news.

rhetoric , conceptual metaphor , news language , standard language , literary language

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