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volume Number 12، number In Volume 4، ، issue Number 46

The study of coherence and rhetorical components in Parvin Etesami's debates

Golbarg Zehni, Arsalan Golfam(Author in Charge), Mojtaba Manshizadeh

With the study of elementary school children, it was discovered that Parvin's debates were at the forefront of understanding the works; therefore, his personal style analysis was necessary with the help of the coherence of the text and the types of excerpts, in order to determine which component of the observation had led to this. In this way, two types of debates were examined by descriptive-analytical method of each single verse. The result of the research suggests that among the factors of coherence, repetition and integration, the leading referencing and nominal elimination and incremental accountability are the highest frequency. Also, by examining the transcendental processes, it became clear that the further use of material process, questionable sentences, and the subsequent dimming of news sentences made them understandable children's poems.

coherence , transcendence , process , debate.