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volume Number 12، number In Volume 4، ، issue Number 46

The study of Attar's stylistic characteristics in presenting the Perfect Man's attributions

Abdollah Maghamianzade, Zarrintaj Varedi(Author in Charge)

This article aims to investigate the mental layers of Attar Neishaboori in expressing the whole person to show how he owned a unique and personal style. Accordingly, four elements are introduced as the characteristics of a personal style which cannot be observed in other texts such as those in Attar's works. These four stylistic characteristics include the Secretive Similes , the Hoopoe's Secret as the Old Way and the Journey of No Return, and ,finally, the Comparison of Places and Attar's Seven  Cities of Love ,as the places of a perfect man, with Masnavi Manavi of Molavi. Undoubtedly, Attar Neishaboori is one of those who created valuable masterpieces in the Persian literature by using a specific language stemming from his genuine thought, and this respect, he is considered one of the main fundaments and founders of the Persian literature. This personal style is the outcome of a specific selection of vocabulary, jargons, phrases, and ways of expression that are different from linguistic arbitrariness and literary traditions. In fact, this selection stems from a new perspective and attitude toward the being and life. Attar is an author who defined the perfect man differently and thoroughly and expressed the perfect man's characteristics by the new selection of language literary terms which reflect his prominent thought , and based on this thought, he founded a personal style.

Perfect Man , Stylistic Characteristics , Attar , Resaleh At-Tair , Places