Quarterly Journal methodologies of Persian poetry and prose (Bahar-e-adab)
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Quarterly Journal methodologies of Persian poetry and prose (Bahar-e-adab)
volume Number 13، number In Volume 1، ، issue Number 47

The reflection of asharism’s thought in saadi’s poem

Anwar ziyaie(Author in Charge)

Ash'ari's thoughts in the time and geography of Saadi's life have been commonplace. Some scholars believe that the signs of Sa'di's belief in Ash'arites are recognizable in his works. And there is no doubt that his religion is Ash'ari. Science of the Word, meaning the argument about the concept of revelations and its paraphrase, was not customary until the time of Rashedin Caliphate. But due to the peculiarity of Islam's pragmatism and the presence of scholars, led to the advancement of theology to deal with non-monotheistic thoughts. And the three sects of Ashkharites, Mu'tazilites, and Imāmī made the most important Islamic theological view. Undoubtedly, the lesser can be found a Persian poetry who has not used the ideas and religious beliefs and Islamic teachings in his poetry. In the era of Sa'di, theological issues and the struggle of the Mu'tazilites, the Asahirs and the prophetic beliefs were widespread, that also affected Saadi's thoughts. In the military schools, mainly Quranic and literary sciences, Hadith and Shafi'i jurisprudence and preaching and lectures were taught. And since Sa'di was a Sunni scholar and an Asharite poet, he has been engaged in discussions and studies for years in Baghdad. He also was a pensioner in Baghdad and he was living in the space and the environment of Ash'ari thought. In terms of stylistics at the intellectual level, the intellectual space and the environment of the author's growth, the author affects a great deal on the thoughts of the creator. Therefore, Sa'di's mental and religious paradigm has been formed during the period of Ash'arite's aspiration and domination in the Muslim world. For this reason, in the field of the Word, he thinks like Ash'arites. The question of this research is how are the theological basics of Asahari in Sa'di? The research method was descriptive-analytic. And the overall result shows that Sa'di in his poems and works is influenced by the Ash'aric theological thoughts.

Level of Thought , Ash'arites , Sadi`s works , Saadi