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volume Number 12، number In Volume 4، ، issue Number 46

The Stylistic Reflection of Signposts in Attar's Mantiqolteyr and Their Classification

Amir Mohammad Ardeshirzadeh, Mohammad Yusuf Nayyeri(Author in Charge)

Review and introducing the characters and real and symbolic signposts in Mantiqolteyr of Attar is  a paper which helps us to recognize them. This recognition will be more available by classification of signposts based on the subjects. The classes contain historical names, geographical names, real signposts and symbolic signposts where causes new viewpoints in mystical idioms and secrets and their appearance and inside. The review of symbolis aspects of some characters and signposts of Attar, will reveals the paronomasia which is requisite of this mystical work and deepens the meaning of Mantiqolteyr. This paper attempts to study the special way of Attar in the use of some characters in symbolic formats and try to analyze and find the importance and connection between the signposts and Attar's interests and intellectual ideas. The comprehensive study of Mantiqolteyr's signposts is the best way of recognition of Attar's character, the scope of his science and thoughts, Also, his dominance in secret language and allegorical aspect which used in signposts.

Attar , Mantiqolteyr , Signposts of Mantiqolteyr