Journal of the stylistic of Persian poem and prose
Journal of the stylistic of Persian poem and prose شماره 50

volume Number : 13
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issue Number : 50

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Journal of the stylistic of Persian poem and prose
volume Number 13، number In Volume 4، ، issue Number 50

Some Stylistic Features of Masoud Sa'ad Salman's Poems

Dariush Ghaleh Ghobadi, Vahid Mobarak(Author in Charge)

Massoud Saad is a poet of military, happiness, imprisonment and sorrow. In the linguistic aspect of his poems, the signs of a deeply rooted language approach to the use of literary figures and many Arabic words are approached. In his features, he follows the inventions (Mustard, Ashwood), figurative language (Types of Metaphors, literal documents), and description of non-sensual similie organ, various pictures, they are signs of impersonal style. . On the intellectual side, Massoud Sa"abedah, the lecturer of love and the calendar of happiness, has created new content for the storyteller, imitating the illusion with deep emotion, he has been imitated by other poets. But he has deep emotions that made him personal , The afore mentioned items have changed him to the poet of style, he is affective in his style.. The findings of this descriptive-analytical query show that having specific characteristics in expressing and choosing a template has led to his personal style and he influenced the change of Khorasani style to Iraqi.

Massoud Sa'ad , Career Style , Personal Style , Style Transformation , Template and Expression

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