Journal of the stylistic of Persian poem and prose
Journal of the stylistic of Persian poem and prose شماره 96

volume Number : 17
number In Volume : 2
issue Number : 96

Journal of the stylistic of Persian poem and prose
volume Number 17، number In Volume 2، ، issue Number 96

Review of Reza Brahini's stories based on Carl Gustav Jung's psychological perspective

Reyhaneh Khanzadeh , Maryam Shadmohammadi (Author in Charge), Fereshte Momeni


BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVES: Analysis based on psychological criticism has become popular among literary researchers as a style. This research aims to investigate Reza Brahni"s fiction (The Infernal Life of Mr. Ayaz, and The Secrets of My Land) based on the psychological perspective of Carl Gustav Jung.

METHODOLOGY: The present study is a theoretical study and data collection was done with the use of data collection tools and reference to library sources in a descriptive-analytical method. Evidence and data analysis is evaluated qualitatively.

FINDINGS: The study of Brahni"s works shows that archetypes of anima and animus, shadow, persona (mask), self, as well as the concepts of sleep and dream, unconscious and anxiety are clearly visible in Brahni"s works. In addition, the most important and the most used proof of Jung"s theories is "persona" or "mask" which can be found in all the researched novels. Another archetype that is abundant in Brahni"s works is the archetype of "Shadow". Almost in most of his novels, Reza Brahini unconsciously asked the shadow for help and in this way he was able to show the characters of his novel well. Another theory that has a high frequency in Brahni"s novels is "old concepts"; In this way, we see a return to history and civilization or customs and superstitions in the stories.

CONCLUSION: The review and analysis of the studied novels, based on Jung"s psychological theories in criticism, showed that the characters, symbols and archetypes found in them are to some extent consciously created and elaborated by the mind of Brahni, and in most cases, they are completely deliberate.

story , psychological critique , Reza Brahni , Carl Gustav Jung , archetype

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