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volume Number 12، number In Volume 4، ، issue Number 46

Critical Stylistics and Iranian Folk Tales (Ideology Hidden in Tale)

Mahubeh Khorasani(Author in Charge)

Tale is The most extensive form of art, therefore it reflects the most diverse of thoughts. In this research, according to special feature of folk tales which is more content-oriented not langue-oriented, we have analyzed the ideology lies in the tales and we just speak about five highlight ideologies in legends because of limited volume. We are going to show how these thoughts are presented by creators of legends and how much readers and audients are impressed by the ideology dominant on myths and tales. As a result, we should mention that we find five dominant ideologemes that are as following: The ideologeme of travel which is the express dissatisfaction to exist status and exploring for the utopia; The ideologeme of getting marriage which is natural and instinctual but with the one dimension attitude to life; The ideologeme of eliminate rival at any cost which is endeavor for maintaining power relationships; The ideologeme of oppression acceptance which is illogical emphasis on some moral teachings; The ideologeme of chance and fortune which is just for increasing of tolerance in front of injustices.

Thought Style , Critical Stylistics , Ideology , Ideologeme , Persian Folktales , Iranian Culture.