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volume Number 12، number In Volume 4، ، issue Number 46

Analyzing the psychological traumas in Saadi’s the Gulistan and Bustan

Abd-allah Gholiyan askari, Gholam reza Mostali parsa(Author in Charge)

One of the interdisciplinary discussions and writing scientific articles about them, is reflection of the science of psychology in the literary works and matching it with the modern theories of psychology .In this thesis, psychological traumas has been investigated with regard to the Gulistan and Bustan – Saadi and had been matched with the modern science of psychology.  Our purpose was related to  Investigating some of the psychological problems  that has been current in the society or now  is current in it, with regard to the  literary texts, had been our purpose of this thesis. For this reason, these two works had been studied and phrases like jealousy, oppression, self-conceit, pride and arrogance and so on that has been stated in these books, and has been blamed as “psychological traumas” has been considered and investigated. Saadi tries to propose strategies from the form of narration for improving relations and humanly behaviors. This investigation explains that Saadi had been knowledgeable about these skills and proposed them with affective imagery to the addressees that today, is matched with the presented theories and skills of the contemporary psychologists. Authors of this thesis, aims to compare Saadi’s opinions in the anecdotes of the Gulistan and Bustan with the new psychological opinions and. after that find out that, these states are so much adaptable with the psychological aspects of humans and their behaviors.

Gulestan , Bustan , Saadi , psychological traumas