Quarterly Journal methodologies of Persian poetry and prose (Bahar-e-adab)
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Quarterly Journal methodologies of Persian poetry and prose (Bahar-e-adab)
volume Number 11، number In Volume 3، ، issue Number 41

Improving the fit of behavior and speech of the protagonists of the story with their personality characteristics from the style of novelty of the 1380s

Bahador Bagheri(Author in Charge), Mohammad Hossein Abdollahi, Nasergholi Sarley, Shahrzad Mohammadzadeh

One of the levels of stylistic studies is the level of thought or content of any literary work, For example, at this level, we find that a poet or writer is extroverted, introverted, philosophical, mystical, religious, or non-religious. Story readers always have a kind of consistency in paying for personalities and story elements.The fit of behavior and speech of fictional characters is one of the capabilities of the novelist's writers.In the contemporary novels, this issue has gone up and down.One of the characteristics of the novels of the 1380s is the improvement of fit that is consistent with the patterns and psychological theories of personality from the point of view of some of the personality theorists, including Yong, Forum, and Adler. This study examines the improvement of this fit by examining three novels from three authors of the 1380s (Hossein Sanapour, Zoya Pirzad, and Fariba Wafi).The coordination between behavior and speech and the psychological characteristics of story characters with personality theories are the achievements of this review.

stylistic features of the 1380 , Psychology Theories , Hossein Sanapour , Zoya Pirzad , Fariba Wafi