Quarterly Journal methodologies of Persian poetry and prose (Bahar-e-adab)
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Quarterly Journal methodologies of Persian poetry and prose (Bahar-e-adab)
volume Number 11، number In Volume 3، ، issue Number 41

Hafez, Biddle and metaphorical structure

Mir Jalalodin Kazazi(Author in Charge), Abutaleb Bajolvand

The aim of this study is evaluating the metaphorical structure of Hafez and Biddle. In other words this study will show their structures via the similarities and differences with each other. The results show that in additional of pharmaceutical elements, both poets have utilized the decuple elements of   metaphor in their metaphorical formulation. Biddle has not used pharmaceutical components to form his metaphorical structures. The research shows that both poet's have similarities and differences to use metaphorical elements. The most important difference is the way that they used the quad metaphor agents (such as: Mansth, Manvazh, Monroe) in which has investigated in this study. The both metaphorical elements have extracted hemistich by hemistich, to have a deep understanding and to realize the two poets' metaphorical structures too.

Hafez , Biddle , metaphorical structure