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volume Number 12، number In Volume 4، ، issue Number 46

Contemplation on HajiBaba Isfahani tale translation prose

Meisam Ahmadi, Yousef Karami Chemeh(Author in Charge)

Book of HajiBaba Tale by James Morier was translated by Mirza Habib Isfahani. The critical aspect and tune of the satire of the book, as well as the fluent and beautiful prose of its translation, have influenced and reputation the book. Mirza Habib, with his talent of writing and using the precious heritage of Persian literature in his translation of the book, revealed his art and the power of Persian language. This translation is among the finest Persian translations. In this paper, Mirza Habib's translation prose has been reviewed by describing and analyzing the content and using library resources. In this book, can be seen the special features of prose important Persian language, such as the use of poetry in prose, the use of allusions and common words in the language of the people, the use of Arabic language and literature, pleasure and stability, etc. which prose is similar to the prose of Persian classical texts.

Tale of HajiBaba , Mirza habib , Translation , Persian prose , Sadi Golestan